Peninsula Water Treatment

Peninsula Water Treatment is a local business operating for over 20 years, servicing the Grey-Bruce areas. We specialize in water testing on site and water consultation. This includes installation and servicing of equipment, and water treatment products (UV bulbs, resin cleaner, filter cartridges, and chemicals).

Do I need a filtration System?

Almost every home can benefit from a filtration system that filters water as it first enters the home. These are called "point of entry" systems. They are used to filter sediment and/or improve taste and reduce odor.

There are two types of systems: cartridge systems which are generally smaller and use a replaceable filter cartridge; and backwash systems which are generally larger and consist of a tank, filtration media and a control valve. Backwash systems have the advantage of being self-cleaning and require only occasional maintenance, typically done annually.


Both systems can handle most sediment, and taste and odor issues. Cartridge systems usually require a lower initial investment, but have higher operating cost due to the replacement cartride cost. Conversely, backwash systems have higher initial cost, but may have a lower lifetime cost. We can help you decide which system best suits your home.


Sediment can cause a variety of problems from cloudy water, to stains, to damage of plumbing fixtures and appliances that use water. Homes with well water frequently have an undesireable level of sediment in their water. Even homes with municipal water may have problems due to older water supply pipes and water service interruptions such as hydrant cleaning or new construction in the area.
The smell and taste of a home's water supply can also be improved by using a whole house system with a carbon media filter.

Reduce Iron and Avoid Problems

Iron is one of the earth's most plentiful resources, making up at least five percent of the earth's crust. Rainfall seeping through the soil dissolves iron in the earth's surface and carries it into the natural water supply.

Even when water contains relatively large quantities of iron it may appear clear when drawn, but will rapidly turn red upon exposure to air. This oxidation process causes the red/brown stains on clothes and plumbing fixtures. Water with high iron can be very objectionable in taste and color, and can cause rust colored stains on fixtures.

What is the solution? First, it is important to have your water tested. Our water test determines iron concentration, pH, hardness, TDS, manganese, tannins, turbidity, and alkalinity. From here, the correct treatment solution can be determined.